10 books to buy as gifts for 2022

It is a great time to read to prepare yourself for the future and gift someone a substantive business book to improve their chances of success. Here are 10 options. You can listen to my interviews with the authors of these books at The Best Business Minds podcast.

1. Be Where Your Feet Are by Scott O’Neil. O’Neil is the former president of Madison Square Garden, the Philadelphia 76ers and the New Jersey Devils. A great book for entrepreneurs who are often thinking of the next move whether with colleagues or how to balance family with unbridled ambition. My favorite quote, which I, as an entrepreneur feel every day, is “walking in sand with an anvil on my back.”


2. Elevated Economics by Richard Steel. For companies believing only price and convenience matters, will be in for a surprise. This heavily researched book talks about consumers concerns about the environment and employee welfare. You learn that with all of the online options on sites like Amazon, Ebay and others that price has become secondary to saving the planet and what a company stands for.

3. Instinct by Dr. Rebecca Heiss. I love substantive, heavily researched books on how to improve your skills. Dr. Heiss reveals the science behind our self-sabotaging behaviors, then provides simple, actionable techniques that show us how rebuild our instinctive minds. How many times have you doubted your gut only to learn later it was right?

4. Super Consumers by Eddie Wong. Wong rights an incredibly insightful book on how to identify and leverage the true believers in your product or service to attract other customers. He explains how to use data, research, focus groups and surveys.

5. The A-I First Company by Ash Fontana. Fontana is one of the world’s leading investors in artificial intelligence. He explains the various opportunities using artificial intelligence and the types of complex problems along with mundane chores that it will do. Fontana writes about all of the many opportunities that both small and large businesses can take advantage of.

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