where should i buy books online
where should i buy books online?

where should i buy books online?

The last year has seen expanded options for buying books online, as more bookstores have developed websites, and e-commerce sites like Bookshop.org gain traction. But massive retailers like Amazon continue to dominate the bookselling business, and readers may be torn between the desire to support local bookstores and the convenience and price of online delivery giants. Here, booksellers and literary agents offer advice on how to evaluate your book buying options.In this article we suggest you some websites to buy online books.


For those who want to discover and support new writers, rather than waiting for splashy releases, independent bookstores tend to be a better option. Authors generally get paid the same amount no matter where their book is sold, said Allison Hill, the chief executive of the American Booksellers Association. But books without large marketing campaigns behind them have a greater chance of being discovered at an independent bookstore. “If you want to support debut authors, or mid-list authors, or certain voices, those books are going to be more apparent in an independent bookstore,” she said.

“Discoverability is essential, and it’s very difficult,” said Regina Brooks, the founder and president of Serendipity Literary Agency in Brooklyn. Black bookstores, in particular, have become a space for making debut authors more visible, she said.

Independent bookstores and Barnes & Noble also host events with authors — the Booksmith in San Francisco hosted 300 events a year before the pandemic, a representative said — that can raise awareness about books and encourage sales. During the pandemic, some stores pivoted to online events; Books Are Magic in Brooklyn, for example, hosts several Zoom events per week.

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If you can’t order directly from a bookstore, e-commerce sites like ebookyo.com and Bookshop.org allow you to purchase from independents, which receive a cut of the profits. Keeping independent bookstores in business enables them to continue to support authors. While Bookshop.org has been a lifeline for bookstores during the pandemic, it’s better to shop directly from an independent bookstore’s website if they have one, said Bradley Graham, co-owner of Politics & Prose in Washington, since they receive the full profit from your purchase. Many bookstores currently offer curbside pick up, which costs them less than shipping and delivering books.


And if you do buy from Amazon, pre-ordering books can be helpful for writers, said Kate McKean, vice president at the Howard Morhaim Literary Agency — particularly since Amazon tends to send more data to publishers about pre-orders, which can indicate a book’s popularity. Amazon designates its best-sellers, which can attract more readers to find and notice books.

“My authors track their Amazon rankings like they’re tracking the Mega Millions numbers,” Ms. Brooks said.

Publishers usually make slightly more money when their books are bought at independent bookstores, said Andy Hunter, the founder of Bookshop.org. That’s partly because retail giants like Amazon offer different rates to different publishers, he explained. A representative from Amazon declined to comment on revenue share between Amazon and publishers.

Supporting small presses, which have strained to weather the industry’s fluctuations during the pandemic, can take the form of shopping from independent bookstores. These stores and presses often have relationships to each other, Ms. Hill said. “Independent bookstores support independent publishers. That’s a tight community,” she said. “The book industry is such a delicate ecosystem. Supporting independent bookstores keeps the ecosystem healthy.”

Some small publishers sell directly from their websites, including Melville House, Akashic Books and Future Tense Books.

Second choice:

Barnes & Noble is also a crucial part of the book retail ecosystem, Ms. Hill said, and a crucial outlet for writers and publishers. The key is to “spread it around,” Ms. McKean said. “If we only shop at one retailer, that’s bad for everybody.”

The internet can be a fantastic resource for avid readers, but it’s important to know which online stores are the most reputable and suitable when it comes to buying new and used books online. So, we did the research for you! Here are the 20 best websites to use next time you shop for paperback and hardcover books online in the US (See UK and Canada book sites below):

where should i buy books online?

Ebookyo :

ebookyo website can give you full access to all newly discovered e-books and typically full access to more than 4 million e-books .

The powerful search engine of ebookyo site has also provided the possibility of searching and downloading books through isbn and the name of the author or the name of the publisher.

buying e-books from ebookyo can provide following advantages:
  • Buying books with a maximum  10%  of the original book price in foreign book stores.
  • The submitted books will be prepare and send maximum 12 hours later.
  • Ebookyo team can provide the original books pdf files.
  • Publisher digital locks will be unlocking and you can study without limitations.


This site has millions of new and used books for sale, including many signed books by famous authors. It also has an ISBN search engine for textbooks, lots of 50% to 60% off sales, and also sells rare books and art books.

This site features both the latest titles and a “bargain shop” where you can find books at extremely cheap prices. But no matter what you buy, you still get free shipping, no matter where you are in the world!

Alibris collaborates with several independent booksellers and collectors–so if you need a rare book or a hard-to-find edition of a textbook, you have a great chance at finding it here.

Book Outlet prides itself on ridicoulously low prices. How do they do it? Many of their books are excess inventory (also know as remainders) that they get directly from publishers at a big discount. Book Outlet offers free shipping to US and CA for orders over $35.

KidsBooks guarantees the best price for the books you’re looking for – lower than Amazon’s. With the inventory coming from publisher overstock, the books are all in great condition. Kidsbooks offers free shipping in the US and Canada for order overs $35 and $45 respectively!

Walmart sells only new books, but they’re all at comparatively low prices than other retailers. They also have a huge variety of products on their online store.

Australia’s largest online bookstore is guaranteed to have plenty of options to satisfy readers of all ages, interests, and needs.

Thrift Books offers free shipping in the US, has cheap used books, and the company is dedicated to being environmentally friendly!

This bookstore was started over a hundred years ago, and it’s still going strong. As one of the largest book retailers in the US, you can find bargain books, weekly deals, and other various deals on the numerous titles this store offers. They often have a interesting selection of remnant books (books that for whatever reason did not sell well and are offered at 75-90% off the original price.)

This one probably doesn’t even need an introduction; Amazon is the world’s largest and most popular retailer and has an enormous selection of novels, textbooks, Kindle books, audio books, and second-hand books more.Its very good for buy online books .

You can find everything from children’s books to young adult novels to popular fiction here, as well as plenty of gift options for the other bookworms in your life. They only sell new books, no second-hand books.

Whether you want an eBook, a non-fiction biography, or a fantasy novel, you can feel good about your purchase when you shop here; for every purchase you make, this store will donate a book to a person in need!

Biblio has a collection of over 100 million new and used books in stock and prides itself on working with booksellers from around the globe to create one of the most unique online bookstores on the internet.

Although this isn’t necessarily a bookstore, it’s a fantastic site to get books for free. You can easily trade your old novels for new to you second hand books. The site has thousands of people with plenty of books to trade.

With frequent flash sales, special offers, discounts, and other deals, you can find a wide variety of books at inexpensive prices at this UK-based website.

This big box store actually has a solid selection of popular books online, many of which sell for less then retail cost.

Most people don’t think of books when they think of Costco, but this wholesale retailer is a great place to buy book sets and children’s books at high discounts. You will not find new books sold for a lower price than in the Costco Warehouse. Many independent bookstores have been known to buy some of their books from Costco because it’s less expensive then buying them wholesale directly from the publisher.

This site is best known for selling new books (classics, novels, best-sellers, hard-covers and remaindered titles)  for incredibly cheap prices. Cheaper even than amazon.com.

Thousands of new and used books are available on eBay for extremely low prices, many of which have free shipping. Whether you need a new cookbook, textbook, magazine, or collectible book, be sure to check eBay first!

  • Powell’s Books. This bookstore chain originating from Portland has an array of new and used books, specializing in indie titles and books by new authors.
  • The Strand. Every book on this site is sold at discounted rates, including new titles, and you can even pre-order novels that haven’t been released yet.
  • Hudson Book Sellers. Hudson Books has physical locations in just about every major airport in the US. And here’s where you can buy books online from them.
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